Tuesday, May 20, 2014

How much is just enough?

When it ceases to be fun, that's when you know you are done.

I don't know if that's a famous quote or maybe it was just said by me, but it perfectly explains how I feel right now. I'm really uninspired with my photo project. The quality of my photos is not good (really, really not good). I think because what started out as a fun project has now become a chore. It's like a job now. And not even a good job! So I'm stopping.

I know this decision comes just four days after my previous update, but it's time. I've been on the verge of stopping for a while now. Today just seems like the right day to do it.

I think it's important to say stopping and not quitting. After all it was MY decision to start, so it can be MY decision to stop and at any time. I honestly think that starting another year photo project was not a good idea. I started my first photo a day project almost two years ago. I met my goal and completed a full year. It was great! I got better at photography. It felt creative and inspiring. And looking back now, that's when I should have just stopped. 

But it wasn't all for nothing. In everything I do, I try to learn something and grow within. Here's what I've realized through this journey:

1. Photography is NOT my passion. If it were, I would still be energized to keep going and take a brilliant photo every day. I just don't want to anymore.

2. I'm a perfectionist. Did you notice I said "brilliant" photo? I strive for perfection. When that's no longer apparent or achievable, I stop. And it's hard, really hard, to get a brilliant photo EVERY DAY! Some days you just can't. Yet I would post something every day anyway because it was a daily project! I didn't feel like I could miss a day even though some days I probably should have.

3. I have a short attention span. If it doesn't keep me engaged and interested, I'm done! Plus, I had already met my goal of one year. Thinking I could complete two years was really ambitious.

4. I like round numbers. Just a random thought, but it's true. I'm stopping at photo 140 because it's a nice even number and just feels right. 

5. I was doing this project for the wrong reasons. This is the biggest thing and most important thing that I've learned. The photos I would take were shared on Facebook, on this blog, and on Instagram. Why? Not because I have a photography business. Not because I was trying to gain exposure for monetary gain. No, I believe I was seeking attention, and it became addictive. I can become so easily addicted, and social media is easily addicting! But when you post something to see how many likes you can receive, then you're sharing for the wrong reasons. 

Therefore, I'm switching my focus. My kids are getting older, and I'm not getting any younger. I will be sharing less on Facebook, less on this blog (which is down considerably anyway), and less on Instagram. Sharing milestones is one thing. Sharing something daily???  I've had enough. Time to stop.

One last video to share. The photos I included in this video are my favorites from the 140 photos I have shared from the project. There's some real gems in here, so I'm thankful for that. Hope you enjoy it.

And my photo taking days are NOT over. Heck no... just scaled back. Waaaaaay back to just enough. 


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