Friday, November 16, 2012

The View From Your Window

At the car wash...

The riding car wash. One of the best inventions ever. I can sit in my temperature controlled car while the conveyor belt pulls us through station after station. And it's available any season! I'm warm (or cool) and dry. It's definitely worth the few extra bucks to ride through a car wash. My car gets clean, and I don't get wet. I'd much rather pay someone else to wash my car.

Did you ever have to work a car wash as a fundraiser growing up? Oh, I did several. I remember doing that for my dance squad for our trip to Nationals, as a class for Prom (I think), and even Marching Band for our trip to New Orleans. We would work all day, scrubbing multiple cars by hand, soaking each other "on accident" and only making a few bucks. I think it was more for the fun than the money. Good times.

I don't see many car wash fundraisers these days. I wonder why that is? Maybe because people are in too much of a hurry to stop? It takes a while to hand wash and rinse a car. And you usually have to wash your car again because young people don't really pay much attention (definitely more for the fun than the money). Still, I think I'll stop at the next car wash fundraiser. Not just to help them out with a donation, but to help them build memories. I remember how much fun I had. Time to pay it forward.


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