Tuesday, July 24, 2012

day 24. stranger

This prompt was.... well, it was strange. Do you ask a stranger if you can take their picture? Do you just casually walk around trying to capture a shot without them noticing? I was at a loss. I attended a meeting today in St. Louis at a hotel, attempted to take photos in the lobby, and probably looked more suspicious than I needed to be.  So I came up really short today.  I had to go digging in my photo archives for a picture to use and came up with this.

stranger packing up

I was at a work conference in Clearwater, Florida the end of March (I know, rough place for a conference) and a storm was about to roll in off the coast. I took this picture of the beach as the rain was coming in. I zoomed in and focused on the stranger packing up their gear.

I'm really glad this one is done.


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