Friday, November 22, 2013

Album Cover Challenge

If you could create an album cover that describes who you are as a person, what would it look like?

This is the question I posed to my photo group on Facebook this week. If you've been a regular reader of my blog, then you know that I have participated in a monthly photo challenge. I completed 15 months of this challenge and decided to take a break after October. For me, the topics have become mundane and have started repeating themselves (after a year, I guess they would tend to do that). A few in my photo group felt the same way, so we branched off and made our own group.

This group is very bold, provocative and extremely fun. One of the best things about being a part of this group is that each week we take turns coming up with our own photo themes. Yeah! We all have different personalities and ways of expressing ourselves, so to have the opportunity to suggest theme topics has been so much fun. We're now in our third week, and this week was my turn.

Since music is such an influence in my life, I included in my list of themes an album cover challenge. Here's what I said: I want you to create an album cover that describes you, be sure to give it a title, song list is optional, or maybe it’s a single. It’s your cover.  The creativity in the group has literally exceeded my expectations. I have been so pleased to see each and every one.

So what did my cover look like?

Heart of the Heartland is a country album, of course, and I did create a set list as well to help describe who I am.

1. Better Late Than Never 
2. Dead End Dirt Road 
3. Wild At Heart 
4. Learned My Lesson 
5. I'll Drink To That 
6. Missouri Maid 
7. Two For The Road 
8. You're Lying Eyes 
9. I Forgive You 
10. Halfway Gone 
11. Livin' In The Moment

I now present this challenge to you. What would your album cover look like? Have fun with it and post it in the comments if you want to share.

Tomorrow's theme is "drink". Come back to see what's in my glass....


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