Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A Lesson On Being Alone

For some, that's a very scary word.


But there is a difference between being alone and being lonely. As an introvert, I much prefer being alone.

OK, I know what you're thinking, so lets clear up some misconceptions about being an introvert right now. No, I'm not shy. I'm really quite talkative, but social gatherings exhaust me. I do like to be around people, but I am not a fan of small talk. It takes me a while to formulate an answer to your question and that can be perceived as snobby. I'm not snobby. I'm just reflecting. And I love to talk in front of large groups of people. Public speaking is probably the most enjoyable part of my job, and I've been told I do it well.

I just prefer to be alone. Despite all of the social biases, spending some time alone can be enjoyable and good for you. Here are some lessons from an introvert on why a little forced solitude can be a good thing.

1. Removing all distractions for a while can boost your creativity. Being alone with your thoughts is sometimes necessary for artistic expression. I write my blog alone. I draw alone. I come up with creative ideas when I'm alone. I also love to go on photography walks by myself. I can see the world better when I'm alone.

2. It allows you to recharge. The outside stresses of work and home life are gone. You can breathe and just be.

3. Taking a little "me" time allows you assess your life and the direction of your life. You're allowing yourself to evaluate YOU and make any changes that might be necessary. When was the last time you gave your life a performance review?

4. Hiking, shopping, or even seeing a movie by yourself can be enjoyable. You can do what YOU want to do without adhering to anyone else's schedules, preferences, or expectations.

5. Tackling your fear of being alone can boost your self-esteem. Get back in touch with yourself and remember all of the reasons why you are AWESOME!

Do you enjoy spending time alone? What do you like to do most often by yourself?

"I love being alone. I never found the companion that was so companionable as solitude."
-Henry David Thoreau


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