Saturday, August 31, 2013

August Photo a Day FAB FOUR

Today completes another month of Photo a Day. If you're not familiar with this daily photo challenge, click on the Photo a Day page here on my blog.

Last year, I wrote a post about every single photo I snapped for the challenge, and then created a monthly summary of all the photos for that month. This year, I decided to not post my photos daily and just include my Instagram feed in the menu on the right. But I still want to share some of my photos with you. Then I thought of the Fab Four.

Each day for the challenge a "fab four" is chosen either by Fat Mum Slim herself or one of her many wonderful helpers on the social media sites (Instagram and Facebook). If you share your photo on one of those sites, yours might get chosen. It's not a contest but just a way to highlight some of the photos that represented the prompt well or just caught their eye. By the way... mine was chosen once, and I was thrilled! Contest or not, it's still pretty cool.

So following that format, I will choose my own personal four favorites each month and post my own FAB FOUR. Here they are for August.

Top Left: Incomplete
Top Right: Macro
Lower Left: Cooking
Lower Right: Culture

Now it's time to gear up for September's list. Fat Mum Slim put out a call for topic suggestions on her blog, and the result was this list created by her followers. Some of them look to be very challenging. I'm pretty excited.

Do you like to take photos? Maybe you should give it a whirl! There are plenty of places to share your photos or not. It's totally up to you. It's super fun and a great way to see the world in a whole new way. 

Happy snapping!


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