Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Coffee Morning

What a morning!  First, I made myself get up early and go for a run. Weatherbug sent me a heat advisory alert on my phone for today, so I knew I had to get out there this morning.  I felt slow and sluggish, but a slow run is better than no run.  But before that, my daughter had come into my room complaining, crying actually, with ear pain.  Poor thing.  I hate it when my kids are hurting.  So I had already made the decision to stay at home from work. Armed with the knowledge of a long and relaxed morning ahead of me, I was pokey when I got home after my run.  Too pokey apparently because just as I was about to turn on my precious Keurig for my necessary cup of morning coffee... the power goes out.

Folks, this could be classified as a state of emergency in my house.  Momma must have her coffee!  It isn't a good morning until after I have had at least one cup.  Raise your hand if you're with me here.  Now the long and relaxed morning has been replaced with a long, irritated and cranky kind of morning.  Daughter with ear pain and Momma with coffee withdrawal.  My son and husband are wisely nowhere in sight.  Time ticks on....

Not much time ticks when I give up.  I announce that a trip to Starbucks is in definite order.  I still have a balance on my gift card that I received for my birthday.  I'm going to put it to good use.  I could be there and back with my hot cup of Joe in less than 30 minutes.  And everyone will be much happier. Because when Momma's happy... everyone's happy.

Then my husband says... "how are you going to get your car out of the garage?"

Oh, no you didn't!!!  Did he just ask his caffeine deficient wife that question?  I groan...  No power = no door opener. Well, that will not keep Momma Bear from her coffee.  With determination swelling inside of me, I march downstairs to the garage.  With all the strength I can muster in one hand and my cell phone acting as a flashlight in the other, the door is raised.  And a choir of angels sing.... Ahhhh!

The drive-through line is extremely long, of course, but I will not be stepping out of my car. I'm still in my workout clothes, you see. I've had no shower and am wearing no make up. Patience, I must have. After the longest ten minutes ever, I place my order. Relief is near. And as I pull up to the delivery window... a text arrives from my husband letting me know the power is back on. Perfect.

Well, that's OK. It takes my Keurig at least a couple of minutes to brew a cup, and the nice lady at Starbucks has just handed me my skinny vanilla latte.  The drive home was long and relaxing.  And now it's a coffee morning.


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