Tuesday, June 26, 2012

New Tunes Tuesday

Maroon 5's new album, Overexposed, was released today.  I had to gave it a listen via Spotify.  If you don't know what Spotify is then you need to click that link and download it now!  It is music on DEMAND.  Millions of tracks for you to listen to at any time.  Perfect for a music lover like me.  You simply search, click and listen.  It seriously helps me get through the long work day.  

OK, back to Maroon 5...

For me, music is just as much (if not more) about the lyrics as it is about the melodies.  My most favorite songs tell stories, make me think, or evoke an emotion.  The melodies enhance that feeling.  Unfortunately there isn't much of that on this album.  I will say I'm not a big Top 40 person and that's exactly what Maroon 5 is on this album.  Having said that, there are plenty of catchy beats and riffs to the tracks.  I would classify it as "riding in my car with the windows down" kind of music (pretty perfect for summer, actually).  The one exception would be "Sad".  It's a song full of regret and uncertainty of the future.  Adam's voice, the unique sounding voice that it is, sounds really wonderful with just a piano.  I can picture the emotion behind the lyrics.  Some would call it boring.  I say take his words as advice and a warning... "I'm kicking the curb 'cause you never heard the words that you needed so bad... I'm so sad."  Don't end up sad.  Tell 'em how you feel.

The rest of the album is very dance-club ready and very "Top 40" like their first single, "Payphone".  I could listen to "The Man Who Never Lied" a few times.  In fact, I have.  It has a really cool beat that I could run to.  Same with "Love Somebody".  The last track is a country version of Prince's "Kiss" which lasts way too long for over 7 minutes (a lot of guitar in the middle).  I pictured a cheesy line dance at a wedding when I listened to it.  

Overall, I'd give it a B-.  I wouldn't add it to my music library, but I could see myself streaming some of the tracks on Spotify during a workout.  I'd be interested to hear the opinion of a true Maroon 5 fan.

Listen to any new tunes lately that you would recommend?


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