Tuesday, August 13, 2013

New Tunes Tuesday - Brett Eldredge


It's been three years since he released his first single "Raymond" in 2010. Later he released "Don't Ya" which has been played non-stop this summer, so the anticipation for the full album has been building. Wait no longer. His full debut album, Bring You Back, is finally here.

And it was well worth the wait, folks. He's not only an amazing vocalist but an amazing writer as well having helped pen 11 of the 12 songs. They are catchy, up-beat, and down to earth. It's near perfection from beginning to end.

I love the more bluesy and soulful tracks like "On and On" and "Waited Too Long." The latter is a song full of regret that he certainly brings to life. "I could beg, I could cry but it wont change the circumstance / Cause the truth is I should've pulled the trigger when I had the chance."

It's not all heavy stuff though. The first track on the album "Tell Me Where To Park" grabs you from the start. It's a fun up-tempo number that's made for the radio. In fact, any of these tracks could make a run on the radio if given the chance.

The real lyrical stand out track for me is "One Mississippi." Time has stopped still as he counts the seconds after she's gone. "Lipstick on the coffee cup / I know I should wash it up / But maybe I'll just wait here for a little while / I run my fingers around the top / Where your lips were I just stop / Cause I, I can almost see your smile." There is a live version of this song on Spotify that's wonderful.

There aren't very many albums with a "no skipping" seal of approval from me. So go out and buy the whole dang thing, won't ya?


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