Friday, December 6, 2013

'Tis the Night Before The Championship

On the eve of the SEC Championship game, I felt inspired to write about it. It's been an incredible ride this year! I couldn't be more proud of my team. Mizzou-rah!

'Tis the night before the championship and all through Mizzou Nation.
The fans are not sleeping, we're full of elation!

Our black and our gold is ready to wear;
And our hearts are in Atlanta (man, I wish I was there).

All through the media there has been such a clatter!
I flipped on the TV to see what was the matter.

We've had quite a season and shocked quite a few
Last year was depressing, conference winnings just two.

But we've won the SEC East and oh, so much more.
We've earned their respect, our team can't be ignored.

"Now Franklin, Now Josey, Now Sam and Bonner!
On Wilson, On Copeland, On Washington, and Ponder!

Go DGB, Sasser, Sam and Gaines!
And don't forget Pinkel!" the fans all exclaim.

We're in this together, everyone is with you.
So go and fight Tigers, fight for ol' Mizzou!


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