Saturday, June 8, 2013

06.08.13 Animal

I really thought I was going to be sad today.

When I first saw the list and read today's prompt, I thought to myself.... "oh man... anything but THAT." As you may recall, we lost our beloved pet, Skyler, only just 2 weeks ago. We miss her every single day. I thought I would have to post an old photo of her or go searching for a cow or squirrel to photograph.

I didn't have to do any of those things.

As it turns out, we are dog-sitting for some friends while they are gone on vacation. Perfect! So... say hello to Otto!

Isn't he gorgeous? He's a 9 year old Blue Heeler, or Australian Cattle Dog, and a wonderful pet. He is so well behaved and very loving. And I have to say... it's nice to hear the jingle of a collar and the click-click-click of nails on my floor again.

He's a working dog and loves to play catch! Look at him launch for that ball!

Thank you, Otto, for staying with us this week. You sure are helping with the loss-of-pet transition, and you make an excellent subject for photo a day.

Good Boy!


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