Thursday, June 13, 2013

06.13.13 Kitchen

My kitchen... small yet functional.

This kitchen had dark wood cabinets, vinyl floor, and all white appliances when we moved in. We've done a lot of improvements over the years. I really like the stainless appliancs, the new cabinets and my floor! I wish it was throughout the main floor, but no... just in the kitchen and entry way.

Just need a stainless hood now.

Life is good under the hood.

Most important part of the kitchen sits on this counter...
My Keurig!!

Just a touch of color here for the breadbox that my Grandma painted.

In a perfect world, my kitchen would be four times this size with a large island and breakfast nook. Oh and a fireplace... Maybe some day... 

The kitchen is like the center of the house for me, so I just wish mine was larger for social gatherings. And I wish it was on the back of the house next to the deck. I have to carry food through the living room to get to the grill. Not the best design, but we make it work. These are things you notice and change if/when you decide to move!

Do you like your kitchen? What would you change about it?


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