Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Photo a Day Catchup

We went out of town to the lake this weekend. Otherwise known as the land of little internet service. So... I wasn't able to post much and I certainly couldn't blog. However, it's nice to have a break from technology once in a while. It was a great weekend with family and friends.

May 25. Us

This sums up a big part of my family. The M stands for Marks, our last name, but can also stand for Mizzou! My in-laws, my husband's brother and his wife, my husband's sister and her husband, and of course Pat and I are ALL Mizzou graduates. My Mom is also a Mizzou graduate. You could say we all bleed black and gold.

May 26. Fave thing to do on a Sunday

Sundays are a time to kick back and relax which is best done at the lake. I had a great Sunday with a good book and lots of sunshine. 

May 27. Can't Live Without

My family agrees... I can't live without my morning cup of coffee. I probably could, but it wouldn't be pretty. A close second would be my phone (but I was using it to take the photo.)


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