Friday, May 31, 2013

May Photo a Day Summary

I made it through another monthly challenge. Whew... Is May really over?!?

This month was a little difficult because I was SO BUSY! Mostly work crap but SO BUSY! However, the photo a day challenge was a nice distraction from the mundane tasks of life. And I got to capture some fun moments also.

Here's what May looked like...

I had good intentions of having a Mizzou theme this month, but I'll be honest... the prompts did not lend itself very easily for that task. So I abandoned that idea on day 4. Not every day was an original photo either... Mother, Sunrise/Sunset, Season, My Favorite View... those were all old photos. Season was unique in that I stacked three photos into one (a favorite for this month), but it was still not taken on that day. Still, it was an interesting month. I really enjoyed it.

June is a significant month. I will complete a whole year of Photo a Day challenges on June 14. ONE YEAR! Hard to believe...

Aaaand June will be my one year anniversary of this blog. June is going to be a fun month. I can just feel it.

So join me, won't you??? I promise... you won't regret it.


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