Thursday, April 18, 2013

04.18.13 Hello!

I really didn't know what I would take a photo of for this prompt.

First, I thought of a phone, but that's pretty obvious. Then I thought of a surprised look that my daughter has given me. Hello!

Then I remembered this from back in the day...

Before texting, we texted via a calculator. We thought we were so cool to come up with these words. Your alphabet was kind of limited however. Here's a list of the letters you could use if you turn the numbers upside down: O/D, I, Z, E, h, S, P, L, B, G.

For instance, 376616 = GIGGLE

So if you want to write ZOO (0.02) or SHOES (53045) or SHE LIES (5317.345) or maybe even BIGBOOBS (58008618) ... the calculator can help you.

Have fun!


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