Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A Letter To My Son On His Birthday

To my wonderful son on your 12th birthday,

See that gray hair on my head? Yes, my dear child, YOU gave that to me. Most likely during our last round of homework. You are so used to things coming easy to you that when they are not, when they confuse you, and when you struggle, you get FRUSTRATED. Really, really frustrated. With yourself, with me, with the whole world... and then we yell. You yell at me. I yell at you. And then we take a time out.

Yes, sweetie, I understand this. You got it from me. Sorry.

But I love it that you want to "get it." And I know with hard work and perseverance, you will.

I also love your competitive nature. I know you enjoy the thrill of competing; not only with others but with yourself as well (you got that from me too). You push yourself to be the best, but you also encourage your teammates to be their best too. You are the first to pat someone on the back, congratulate them for a job well done, and lend a helping hand. For that I am so very proud of you.

Because of your love for sports, and mine too, we have shared many great memories together cheering on our Tigers. We've been with them through the good and the bad, haven't we? It isn't easy being a Tiger fan. We've shed some tears, punched some pillows, but we will always be a fan. Mizzou-rah!

And I want you to know that I'm YOUR biggest fan, buddy. I'm so proud of the young man you are becoming. You are kind, considerate and caring. You have a big heart, a wonderful sense of humor, and a good inner compass guiding you on your way.

I love you to the moon and back, Brandon, and I will be here for you always. And no matter how big you may get, you will always be my Little B.

Happy birthday!

Much Love,


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