Tuesday, April 9, 2013

New Tunes Tuesday - The Band Perry

The background of the sister-brother trio is this... Momma loved country and Daddy loved the Rolling Stones. The result? A thoroughly modern country-pop-rock mish mash sound that is The Band Perry. Here's a track by track review of their sophomore (no slump here!) release, Pioneer.

1. Better Dig Two - dark and wicked, it's like the musical version of Stephen King's "Misery."

2. Done - anthemic 80's rock that belongs on every break-up playlist. I saw them perform this on the ACM Awards Sunday night. Lots of energetic fun!

3. Don't Let Me Be Lonely - A song about hanging on to your youthful days. I love the slow build to this song and the introspective lyrics are really great. "While we're young and alive / Take the keys to my car and the keys to my heart and just drive / Oh don't let me, let me be lonely." Makes me want to fly down a gravel road with the wind blowing through my hair.

4. Pioneer - Lots of twists and unexpected turns to this song. Bluegrass turns into a pop anthem and then back to country.

5. Forever Mine Nevermind - It starts out with a "na na na" that is reminiscent of Queen (awesome!) and just builds from there. The middle has a Bohemian Rhapsody feel to it. Very fun song. It celebrates losing things that were probably never good for you anyway. A favorite song of mine on the album.

6. Night Gone Wasted - Reminds me of Cheap Trick! This is a simple TGIF song that belongs on your party playlist. "It’s a night gone wasted again / I’m making up with my enemies and loving my best friends / It’s the best medication / To make the whole wide world go 'round"

7. I Saw A Light - One of the very few low points on the album, but still a nice song about love at first sight. The arrangement is the most interesting part of the song. Listen for it at the 2:27 mark.

8. Mother Like Mine - a sweet ballad tribute to their Mother.  They were bound to write a sound like this sooner or later!

9. Chainsaw - An ode to a carving on the tree - and the tree itself. "It's hard to bury the hatchet holding a chainsaw." Women who've been scorned will really appreciate this one. Very clever lyrics.

10. I'm A Keeper - custom made for radio, it's a potential hit! Love the piano, and the chorus really rocks.

11. Back To Me Without You - I stopped what I was doing and absorbed this song on the first listen. Kimberly's vocal is superb. The harmonies with Neil and Reid on the chorus make this a definite stand out track.

12. End Of Time - a perfect ending to an album full of dramatic twists and turns. A delicious ballad that leaves you wanting more.

This is my favorite album that I have reviewed so far. I would love to hear them on tour. Their sound is poised for pop-crossover which could keep them around for years to come.

Go buy this one now!


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