Friday, April 26, 2013

04.26.13 Childhood

I went to the box inside my closet and took out my childhood teddy bear. My daughter asked me in a high pitch voice when she saw the bear, "Was that yours?!? It looks old."

Ignoring the old comment... I replied, "Yes, this is my Cruncher Bear. And I guess he is pretty old. I've had him since I was about two years old." Her eyes got wide and then the smart little whipper-snapper said that would make him 38. Thank you for the reminder.

When I think of being a child, I think of Cruncher. I took him to bed with me when I was little. I have pictures of me throughout the years cuddling him. He would sit on my bed even in high school. Cruncher was one of the first things I packed when I went off to college. Before graduation, my sorority sisters took... okay they STOLE Cruncher and used him as a prop in a skit (Senior Slams). Everyone recognized the bear immediately. They knew the sister with Cruncher was portraying me in the skit. Nothing else was really needed. He was (and still is) definitely a part of me.

I told Krista, "He's my Lamby." 

I knew she would know what I meant by that. She's had Lamby since she was two years old. She takes Lamby to bed with her every night and panics if she's lost. We've had some extended bedtimes and a lot of tears searching for her. Lamby is her protector, her shield from all the wrong in the world, her security. She knew exactly what I meant.

I gave Cruncher a quick hug before taking his picture. She smiled at me and said, "Everybody needs a Lamby."

I completely agree. 

Do you have a Lamby from your childhood?


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