Tuesday, April 23, 2013

04.23.13 Time

Time to catch the bus for school!

There was a big debate this year about start times for school in Columbia, Missouri. We are adding a new high school in the fall and a three tier school system. Right now we have elementary, middle, junior high and high school. We will be eliminating the junior high and moving 9th graders to high school this fall.

Next year, my son's start time for school will be moved up a half hour earlier to 7:30. This probably means his bus will arrive around 6:30. That's EARLY! I'm thinking more of myself than him.... but he's not excited about it either.

My daughter's school start time will be moved up about 20 minutes. Right now she arrives around 8:30 and her bus picks her up around 8:00. I'll be able to drop her off on my way into work at 8:05 next year.

What worries me is when they'll be coming home. Brandon's bus drops him off at around 3:30 right now. That will be moved up a half hour too. Krista arrives home at 4:30 right now. I'm expecting that to be 4:15 next year.

Big changes ahead including sleep schedules.... I hope we can ALL adjust to it.


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