Friday, March 22, 2013

03.22.13 About Me

I collect key chains. For as long as I can remember, I've been picking them up on my travels. It is a relatively cheap and easy souvenir of my trips and places I have visited. I thought they would be a fun way to represent a little of who I am for today's photo topic.

Starting from the bottom middle and working clockwise....
  • Cheri's Keys - pretty self-explanatory 
  • May - the month I was born
  • Whistle with a treble clef - music
  • Hard Rock London - I won a trip to London when I was in high school. I danced in the Lord Mayor's Parade on New Year's Day when I was a senior. A defining moment for me. One of the best trips of my life.
  • Chiefs - I love sports, especially football, and the Kansas City Chiefs has always been my team
  • Camera - photography
  • Black Shoe - fitness
  • Grand Tetons - This represents being out in nature and hiking. I love being in the mountains.
  • Geode - I have a degree in Geology
  • Alpha Phi - my sorority and where I met some of my best friends (kind of hard to see because it is clear)
  • Graduate 1990 - I graduated high school in this year and moved to Columbia
  • Orrick Bearcats - my hometown
  • Black and Gold Tassel - I'm a Mizzou Alum (can you believe I don't have a Mizzou Tiger key chain?). This is where I met my husband, where I work, and my team. A huge part of my life. I bleed black and gold.
And now you know a little bit more about me.


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