Tuesday, March 26, 2013

New Tunes Tuesday - Kacey Musgraves

This is the debut album for Kacey Musgraves. She co-wrote all 12 tracks for Same Trailer Different Park. First she draws you in with her catchy country melodies and soothing voice. But listen more carefully and you are given poetic and unabashed truths. This album is a lyrical gift.

Her first single, Merry Go Round, has a metaphor around every corner and plays on the many versions of merry (or Mary).  "Mary, Mary, quite contrary / We're so bored until we're buried / Just like dust, we settle in this town / On this broken merry go 'round" 

The opening track, Silver Lining, is very uplifting. She reminds us that we can't have a silver lining without first having a cloudy day. It sounds like a single in the making. Dandelion is a poetic story wrapped in an acoustic guitar and a sad metaphor. "Just like him, you always leave me cryin' dandelion"

One of my favorite tracks is the bluesy "Blowin' Smoke." She goes through different scenarios of shaky dreams while playing with different meanings of the phrase "blowin' smoke." "And Brenda's tradin smokes for cake / Still hadn't lost that baby weight / And that baby's bout to graduate / From college..." Fans of Pistol Annies will love this track.

The next to last track "Follow Your Arrow" is going to receive a lot of talk for its controversial nature. It's a song about following your heart (your arrow) wherever it may lead you "cause you just get so many trips around the sun." Even if that means kissing a lot of boys or girls if that's what your into. This song is raising some eyebrows in Nashville for sure, but she's pushing it to be her next single.

"My House" and "Stupid" are the only two crank-it moments on the album which is fine. I don't feel there should be more than that. It's a very melancholy and somber album yet not at all boring. Her sound is like a more grown up Taylor Swift (yes, I said that) or a country Colbie Caillat. She's bold, takes risks, and isn't afraid to talk about them. Take her or leave her, but I think Kacey is a keeper.

I am so stoked to see her live at the Kenny Chesney tour this summer. I'll be sure to post a concert review here! Until then.... have a listen.


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