Tuesday, March 12, 2013

New Tunes Tuesday - Bon Jovi

Today has been a day FULL of wonderful news including this... new Bon Jovi! What About Now is the 12th studio release from the Jersey boys, and they are still rocking after 30 years.

They really play to their strengths and stick with what works and what their fans want. Because We Can is another smash anthem that will get stadiums of fans pumping their fists in the air. The title track What About Now implores you to raise your voice and not be scared (a perfect living in the moment song). "For the faithful, the believer / For the faceless and the teacher / Stand up and be proud... What about now?" Another crowd-pleaser is sure to be Beautiful World. Ignoring the over abundance of metaphors in the song, it has a great thumping beat and fun guitar rifts.

The ballads are more intimate than ever. Amen is a lovely, acoustic moment about a dream that was true. "She'll be with me forever / If I don't see her again... What else can I say... Amen." The Fighter is a sad and introspective ballad. "These eyes hold no secrets I hide no truths / I am all I am, all I was to you / The lie and the promise, the great escape artist / The weed in your garden in that place you’re still guarding / Where I am not a liar"

My favorite track is Room At The End Of The World. He sings of a place where secrets go to hide, where we never say good-bye, where your memories are safe, where dreams come true, where I wait for you.

Overall it's pretty safe and predictable. I doubt they'll gain any new fans with this album, but their long-time fans are going to love it.


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