Friday, January 25, 2013

More Photo a Day Catch Up

I have been crazy, insanely BUSY! Just got back from an overnight trip to Washington, DC. So it's time for another photo a day catch up...

January 23. "Electric" - the first thing that came to mind (besides all of my electronic equipment) was this guitar. And The Electric Company. I could have posted a picture of Morgan Freeman, but I went for this...

January 24. "Stripes" - my Mizzou scarf with black and gold stripes. What else?

And a bonus photo for you... I went looking for that crappy coffee maker in my hotel room and found THIS!

That was a nice surprise! It makes total sense though, doesn't it? All hotels should move to the pod machines for coffee. Less mess and much easier. I never make a comment to the hotel staff, but I did on this. Well done!!

I think my life will get back to the normal routine for a while. I shall enjoy it while it lasts.


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