Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Photo Project for 2013

As if I really needed another reason to take photos.... well, I found another one. I just started a 365 project on

There are no rules. There are no themes, although I'm seeing posts about themes and competitions. Anyone with a camera can do this. Even if it's just a phone camera.

Since I'm already taking pictures for the Fat Mum Slim monthly challenge, I asked myself... why not? I usually take multiple photos during the day anyway trying to decide which one to use (and I sometimes choose both). So now I have a place for the overflow.

I've been looking around the site a little today. There are some really inspiring photos on this site. So much talent! This is going to be fun.

Here is my photo for today:

Sunrise on 365 Project

Have you ever started a 365 project?  Did you finish? Want to start one with me for 2013?

Come on.... you know you want to.


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