Saturday, January 19, 2013

Photo a Day Catch Up

I was in Phoenix, Arizona this week on a business trip and extremely busy! And it's not easy to blog on my tablet. In fact, I found out it was darn near impossible.... So this post is full of catch-up moments with Photo a Day.

January 16. Two Things - grilled cheese and tomato soup - favorite lunch evah! We ate at Del Frisco's Grill which was right next door to my hotel. It was fabulous! I ate there more than once.

January 17. Ready - at the end of the long day... I was READY for dinner and this yummy Dogfish Head IPA. First time trying their beer. It was DEELISH!

January 18. Shadow - I literally did not have time to snap a photo today. It was non-stop all day long, so this is a filler shot of the Old Barn and a pretty darn cool shadow.

January 19. Delicious - I found a nice Deli at the Sky Harbor International Airport in Phoenix. I had a veggie sandwich, which was surprisingly very good, and this delicious chocolate chip cookie. I remembered to take a photo of it before it was all gone.

Now I'm happy to be home with two days to relax before back to work on Tuesday!


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