Wednesday, August 15, 2012

day 15. ready

Someone is ready to go out this morning...

nose pressed to the glass and ready to go outside

She's always ready. Such a simple life. Feed me, walk me, love me, let me sleep.

The people in the house are busy trying to get ready for the new school year. I took a few days off this week to get the kids (and myself) ready. Where did the summer go? It went by so fast. I can nearly believe school starts tomorrow.

I think we're ready. Just a few more things to check off the list.

  • Meet the teacher night - check
  • School supplies organized and taken to school - check
  • New outfits purchased for the first day - check
  • Burritos made for a quick and easy breakfast - check
  • Food items prepared for lunches - check
  • Dinners planned for the next week - check
  • Laundry done...
  • House cleaned.... 

Hmmm, well... guess I should go get ready.


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