Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Rivalry Run 5K

Missouri vs. kansas. It's one of the most heated rivalries west of the Mississippi and dates back to the 1850s. Things may be changing (MIZ-SEC!), but the rivalry at the border will never die.
at the starting line

Nor will my hate for kansas.

No, that's not a typo. I never capitalize kansas.

As you must know by now, I am a Missouri/Mizzou  fan to my core. I bleed black and gold! So when there is an opportunity for me to beat kansas, I will be there. And I was there on August 18th. The Rivalry Run 5K!

This is a race where every registration, every donation, and the overall finishers (top 3 in each age group) make up the final point total. Great turn out in Kansas City, but it was clear that there were more in favor of kansas than Missouri. They led in points before the race began.

First let me say I don't really consider myself a competitive runner. I'm not fast. I mostly run for the health of it; to keep fit. And if I'm being completely honest, I run because I like to eat dessert and drink beer. The races are what keep me motivated and make it fun. Just the title of this race made me want to be there! The course route started at the Sprint Center and took us up Grand Avenue to Crown Center. And when I mean up, I mean UP! That was a tough incline (I had to walk some of it). We then turned a corner at the Liberty Memorial then went down Main Street past Union Station. We turned another corner and got back on Grand for the finish.

the finish line
Do you know what's really cool about getting older? New age category! This was my first 5K as a 40 year old. Official results say I ran 37:01 which placed me 25th in my age group and 520 overall. Not bad considering I walked some of it. I bettered my time by 5 minutes from the last 5K, so I'm proud of that. Definitely have some more training to do before the next race in September.

25  Cheri Marks  Missouri   112   40   520   37:01.1  

Missouri has won The Rivalry Run for the past two years, but unfortunately kansas won this year 663 to 632. Sigh... Well, regardless of the winner, it was still a great time to battle it out against our neighbors to the west. I will miss that this year in college sports. I hope this race continues because I will be back!


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