Saturday, August 4, 2012

day 4: somewhere you sat

I sat in a few places around my house today...
  • Like I do most mornings, I sat at the dining room table and ate my breakfast while working on the computer. I may have logged into Facebook.
  • I sat on the floor and stretched after my 30 minute run this morning. I ran 2.72 miles today. I'm training for a 5K on September 16th. My goal is to run it under 30 minutes. I may just make that goal!
  • I sat on the deck for a while this afternoon. Even though it was stupid hot, I may have needed some fresh air.
  • I also sat in my glider and watched some of the Olympics. I wrote about my glider in a previous photo a day entry called "Chair". That's probably my favorite place to sit in the whole house. I think I'll go sit there right now. And I may have a beer or two while I'm there.

Do you have a favorite place to sit in your house? 


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