Wednesday, August 8, 2012

day 8. glasses

A few frosty glasses ready to be filled....

I think there are more glasses than food in my freezer.

Nothing better than an ice cold beer in a frosty mug. Well... the right beer, that is. Good beer is best served in a room temperature glass, in my opinion. That may be debatable, but it's my preference. Cheap beer tastes better really cold. I'll put a Bud Light in a frosty mug every single time.

Chilled glasses are also handy for milkshakes and ice cream sodas. How about a root beer float? Excellent in a frosty mug (if you like root beer). And the kids love to drink milk (plain or chocolate) from an ice cold glass. I will also put my wine glass in the freezer if I'm going to be drinking Moscato or Reisling. Especially in the summer. And of course your cocktail will stay cool and crisp longer if you serve it in a chilled glass. Try it next time. You won't regret it.

Do you chill your glasses? What's your favorite beverage to have in a frosty mug?


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