Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Begins with "S"

I wish I could post a picture of the snow falling.... but none to speak of so far. So instead, you get a picture of my family's Christmas stockings.

My house doesn't have a fireplace, so I have a stocking tree where they are all hung with care. I bought these needlepoint stockings from Land's End the year my son was born, and then added a fourth the year my daughter arrived. I just looked these up online and noticed the designs are completely different now. I'm glad I bought these when I did. I like the older designs much better. They are so well made though. I love them.

And the big bone with the red bow? That is Skyler's stocking, of course! Another "S" word. Santa brings her treats, too. One more "S" word.

I can't believe there are only six more days until Christmas. Another "S" word! Six days!

Are you ready?


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