Monday, December 24, 2012


We have a couple of Christmas Eve traditions at my house.

We bake and decorate Christmas cookies for Santa.

These are the best sugar cookies! The glaze always dries up nice and shiny. Love them. And so does Santa...

The kids also receive new pajamas on Christmas Eve.

This is a tradition passed down from my family. My sister and I always received new jammies for Christmas Eve. I liked being able to open a package the night before Christmas. And so do my kids. The anxiety of all of the presents... the anticipation of it all... that's an exciting time for sure as a kid. 

Now as a parent... I'm just as excited the night before Christmas. I love seeing their faces the next day! I have a hard time sleeping just as them. Christmas Day is one of the few mornings where I don't mind waking up. I love Christmas! 


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