Sunday, December 30, 2012

Something That Made You Smile This Year

Scuba Toast 3. Destination... Further!

Pat and I have the best time with our friends, so we were super excited to plan a week long beach trip with them this February.

Cozumel? With the craziest people we know? Awesome!

The day this photo was taken, we rented two Jeeps and drove to the other side of the island. We packed it full and planned to be gone the whole day. As the sun was beginning to set, we arrived at a dead end at the end of the road. We could turn left, which was the way back home, or park it for a while. 

Since we were not even ready to call it a night, we turned up the music and had a little dance party. Right. On. The. Jeep. Cars were honking and waving at us as they drove by (even a bus full of tourists). 

Clearly we make fun happen no matter where we are. 

I wonder what adventures await us in 2013???

Cozumel, February 2012


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