Sunday, February 3, 2013

02.03.13 Something Beginning with E

This one was a little tough. Especially considering my special challenge of including red or pink in every photo. My first thought was of a red EXIT sign. Would have been perfect. Forgot to take a picture at church this morning. Bummer. So, I started looking around the house for something beginning with E that also has red in it.

Eggs? Nope.
Emerald? Nope.
Elvis? Uh... no.
Earring? Yes, but didn't turn out so well (not very red).
Ear... hmmmm.
My ear buds!!!

And for an added bonus, I set it on the Eagles on my iPod. 

So I have to ask... What's your favorite Eagles song? I have a couple: Seven Bridges Road and Desperado. Good stuff. 

Now I have to get ready for a Super Bowl Party tonight. Go Niners!!!


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