Sunday, February 17, 2013

02.16.13 Perfect

How very ironic that today's prompt would be perfect. It was a long, exhausting, busy day... far from a perfect Saturday.

It started rather early with my son playing in a basketball tournament. His first game was at 9 am, so not too horribly early. But we did have to travel to Hallsville. It's only about a 20 minute drive, but we were doing a lot of back and forth traveling today so it seemed longer than it actually was. His team played pretty well all things considered but lost anyway. And that was the theme for the rest of the day....

His second game was at 3:00. Same time as the Mizzou game against Arkansas. We arrived back in Hallsville at around 2:30, but the tournament was running at least 40 minutes behind. So we sat around and watched other games until it was his time to play. We were checking the progress of the Mizzou game while watching Brandon play. Brandon's team lost in overtime, and Mizzou lost to Arkansas by 2 points. UGH!

Brandon had one final game to play at 5:00, which actually started after 6:00. By this time, we are all getting a little antsy for this whole thing to be over. Unfortunately, his team was blown out. It was almost painful to watch. The mercy rule was put in place during the fourth quarter, and they just let the time expire. It was a quiet car ride back to Columbia.

We ended the evening at Broadway Brewery because we were all starving for some dinner (and I needed a drink). Beer and pizza never tasted so good. The kids were exhausted though. Krista actually fell asleep at the table. I couldn't say I blamed her. After we got home and the kids went to bed... I decided I needed a hot bath and bubbles.

Ahhhh..... Finally a perfect moment.


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