Sunday, February 17, 2013

Mole Stout by Ska Brewing

It looks intriguing right from the start. I mean, just look at the artwork on the can? Ska never disappoints here. And they don't disappoint with this beer either. This is my first time trying this beer though it has been out for a while. Not sure what took me so long!

This ale is brewed with peppers, cocoa and spices. If it sounds like it brings a lot of flavor, you would be correct. The term "mole" refers to a mix of different chile peppers that are made into a sauce in Mexican cuisine. These 3 chile peppers consist of: mulato, ancho and hatch green chiles. All of these peppers are considered mild - and probably a good thing, you wouldn't want too much heat dominating over the cocoa nibs and dark roasted malts in this beer.

This beer has a lot of flavor and is very complex. The spices and chocolate flavors really work well together. It would pair well with a dessert or any Mexican food dish (and I love Mexican food).

Don't wait as long I did to try this one. Cheers!


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