Saturday, February 2, 2013

02.02.13. Pattern

Afghans. I have quite a few of them. My grandma loved to crochet. And she was good at it! It kept her busy. And she got to make something useful - a keepsake - for her grandkids and great-grandkids. This blanket she made for my son. His room was decked out in Spiderman when he was younger, so she made a very bright blanket to match the color scheme. Here's a larger view...

I've always had one of Grandma's blankets. I had them in my room growing up. I took them with me to college. And now they are in practically every room in my house. I admit I would sometimes groan when I received "one more blanket" from Grandma. "I have enough, Grandma!" I would tell her. But she would still make "one more blanket" for me. We would go to the closet and pick out the yarn. She would ask me about the pattern, but I had no suggestions. I let her choose the pattern. I don't crochet. 

I don't crochet! That thought makes me a little worried.... what am I going to make my grandkids and great-grandkids when that time comes? What legacy will I leave? Because that's why I really appreciate Grandma's blankets now. They are a part of her legacy. I think of her every time I wrap myself up in one of her blankets. It's like she's giving me a warm, cozy hug. 

My mom sews beautifully. That's part of her legacy. So does my sister. She's got that covered. I can sew but not like them. It's not really something I enjoy doing. So, what will be my gift? What will I leave behind? I think it's important to leave a piece of you behind no matter how small, so others can hold on to you after you're gone. Something that represents YOU. 

I think my legacy will be this blog. You can't wrap up in it like a blanket, but these are my thoughts, my photos, my memories.... a little piece of me. I enjoy it. My grandkids and great-grandkids will be able to read what I have written here after I'm gone. That's why I do this. Why I feel it is important. This is my gift. And hopefully when they read it, it will feel like I'm giving them a warm, cozy hug.

What legacy will you leave?


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