Thursday, February 7, 2013

02.08.13. Something Orange

Silky dark chocolate enhanced with the flavor of orange, accompanied by the delicate crunch of almond slivers. Oh my, yes please! Now consider this... pairing it with a wonderful dark beer.

Oh, now we are talking! I know you have heard of pairing chocolate with wine, but I'm a beer gal. I prefer a tasty brew over a glass of wine any day. So I tried pairing this tasty chocolate with Left Hand Brewery's Fade to Black.

Winner! It worked really, really well together. The roasted malts and coffee notes really brought out the orange flavor in the chocolate. However, the orange doesn't need a whole lot of help because when they say intense, they really mean intense! The smokey flavor in this beer is a good contrast to the sweetness of the chocolate. The lingering hops also pair well with the taste of citrus. 

Dark ales or stouts typically pair well with desserts, so this was not a huge surprise that they went well together. I think I may have another.


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