Thursday, February 7, 2013

02.07.13 Your Name

Ever wonder what your name means? My name is derived from the French cherie meaning "darling." I kind of like that. You've probably heard the phrase "mon cherie" or the Stevie Wonder song, My Cherie Amour?

Well that's me. Or at least my name.

I like to hear the stories of how parents name their children. It's really a difficult and stressful task for parents to be honest. I remember fretting over my son's name. Took us FOREVER to come up with his name. We had actually settled on one name and then changed it after he was born. We changed it the moment we saw him because Brandon did not look like a Hayden. At. All. The name Brandon was a better fit for him. Krista was much easier to name. I already knew I would name my daughter after my first college roommate. (That's right, Kristin. My daughter was named after you.)

Because my kids have a story behind their name, I wanted to know mine. So, I asked my mom... "how did you come up with my name?" She said she liked the unique spelling. It is different. I remember the difficulty of finding my name on a mug or key chain at Worlds of Fun or the mall. I could easily find Sherry but not Cheri. She also said I was named for a friend. "Nothing spectacular, just positive memories from the past." Sounds like a pretty spectacular reason to me. I like knowing my name is associated with positive memories.

You know what else is cool? My mom was named for a friend of her mom's too. That's a nice tradition, don't you think? Being named for a friend of your mom's. You never know what kind of an impact you will leave on the people you come in contact with every day.

Do you know the story behind your name? 


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