Wednesday, February 27, 2013

02.27.13 Playing

Power outage yesterday! A collective cry of "OH NO" was heard throughout the house. For the kids that meant no TV, no electronic games, and no movies. For me it meant no heat and my cell phone was low on battery power. Thankfully I could charge it off the car battery and wrap a blanket around myself.

So what did we do for entertainment? Board games!

My kids actually really like to play board games. The end tables in my living room are packed with them. Connect Four and Battleship are two of my favorites (I like the one-on-one challenge). We also have checkers and chess. Brandon is a very good chess player, and Krista just finished chess club at her school. I, on the other hand, still need to learn how to play. In addition to Monopoly yesterday, we played several games of Uno, Trouble and Sorry

We usually receive a new game each year for Christmas. This year's game was Apples to Apples. That is a LOT of fun. If you've never played it, look it up. We always have a blast and laugh for hours.

Do you have a favorite board game?


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