Sunday, October 28, 2012

Halloween Yourself

Holidays are fun. Dressing up is fun. Pretending your something else is also fun. That's why I like Halloween. Unfortunately I will be traveling on Halloween this year, so no dressing up or costumes for me. So bummed about missing the costume party this year....

But I still wanted to dress up my Facebook page for Halloween. Just for fun.

So, I went looking for a photo editor and came across Picmonkey. I've used it before to create a cover photo for my Facebook page. Now they have a handy tool to edit your profile pic for Halloween! So fun.

Here are a couple pics that I created:

Vamped Out


You can also make yourself a Zombie, or there is a Day of the Dead tool. If you're not into the scary thing, there is also "trick or treat" with different frames and word bubbles.

Now you can have fun dressing up your photos without all of the make-up! Sweet! 

Happy Halloween!


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