Friday, October 12, 2012

Mizzou Madness

Basketball fan day! Let the madness begin!

I am so excited for this basketball team. The talent gives me goosebumps. First, let me say the slam dunk contest was pretty cool... but Keion Bell.... Wow. He did a power leap over six, that's right, SIX people to  win it!

Check out this pic from Steve Goldberg @SG_Mizzou15 that I found on Twitter....

Here's a video of the dunk I found on Telly. You gotta watch it.

The women's team was fun to watch. I will definitely catch some of their games. It's a very young team but very fast paced.

The men's team, of course, was phenomenal. Led by a couple of familiar faces... Michael Dixon and Phil Pressey. And Laurence Bowers is back. He had a warm reception. Then a few new faces appeared.

There are some new names to learn.... like Bell, Brown, Ross, Oriakhi, Criswell... 

....but we'll know them, and the whole country will know them, soon enough!  

Faith in Haith!



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