Thursday, October 4, 2012

Photo a Day 4. What You Read

I keep a few books on my desk at work. They're mostly about budgeting and money management because that's what I do for a living. But this book is the one I grab most often.

It has some great advice on keeping your sanity at work. One of my favorites is Chapter 19. Take Your Breaks. It's good advice. He talks about how working through lunch or not taking those breaks will actually wear you down and make you less productive. You become a little less patient and lose your enthusiasm. He states that if you take a few minutes for yourself, you'll get your energy back and can come back to your work ready to go.

He also recommends taking a break every hour or so. And I agree. They don't have to be long breaks. Just a few deep breaths, stretch your arms, take a walk down the hall, or go get some air. I'm taking a break right now from my regular work to write this to you. Now I'll be able to work smarter, more efficiently, and get my regular work finished because I won't be thinking about what I want to write to you. Task finished.

Now I hope you'll take a break and read my post.


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