Friday, October 12, 2012

Photo a Day 12. On The Table

This was me last night... feet propped up on the table watching the VP debate.

I'm not a big fan of politics, but I do like to be an informed voter. That's why I watch the debates. And I like to know what everyone will be talking about the next day. 

And what they're talking about is Laughin' Joe! At least Big Bird is off the radar now. But wow, Biden appeared like a bully to me last night. His smirks, laughs, and smug attitude were a huge turn off. Biden's condescending behavior really diminished his words. I don't care which side of the political aisle you sit, his demeanor was completely disrespectful. 

I had never heard Ryan speak before last night. I thought he did a fine job. He appeared calm, cool and collected.... which was fairly easy while sitting next to the feisty Biden.

Did the momentum shift either way? No, I don't think so. The left think Biden won. The right say the night belonged to Ryan. The undecideds watched the Titans beat the Steelers.


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