Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Photo a Day 10. Emotion

A difficult topic for me. There are so many emotions you could capture in a photograph... joy, sorrow, fear, anger... which one do you choose?

I thought about photographing my kids. They display every emotion possible multiple times a day, but that seemed too easy. And they are somewhat reluctant subjects at times.

So I thought back and looked through some photos I have taken recently on my phone. Surely I can find an emotion I have captured recently.

But everyone is just smiling.

Not exactly the emotion I was looking for, to be honest. I was looking for heartfelt, honest, deep emotion. Do I have a picture like that? This was not an easy task. A picture of the kids was sounding more appealing by the second.

Then I came across my album for a concert I went to recently. I started remembering the emotions I felt that day...
  • Excitement - I was really looking forward to hearing the artists perform
  • Joy - I love music. I am one very happy girl at a concert.
  • Irritated - yeah, there was some pushing and shoving to get to the front of the pit. Some people can be downright rude.
  • Warm-hearted - the song lyrics brought back great memories for me
  • Sad - the letdown following any event you plan and look forward to... it's now over
  • Pleased - but I heard all of my favorite songs and then some! The concert was incredible. I enjoyed every second of it. I walked away with some great new memories.
  • Touched - the artists were really grateful and appreciative of their fans.
And then I found it. 

The perfect photo.....

a very emotional Justin Moore


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