Sunday, October 14, 2012

Photo a Day 14. Makes Me Laugh

Family, friends and Facebook (connecting with them all) definitely makes me laugh. So how do you take ONE photo of all your family and friends that make you laugh?

You make a collage....

I made this on I linked the site to my Facebook profile and then pulled the photos into the collage. For this particular one, I chose my Facebook friend profile pictures. I clicked on every single frame to choose the photo I wanted. It was kind of time consuming, but worth it for the end result. Unfortunately not everyone could be included, I couldn't choose the number of squares available... so no hurt feelings! 

I have also made several scatter collages with my Facebook albums and made them my cover photo. My favorites were made with vacation albums. I think I might make a collage of my October photo a day photos. It's fun to see the month as a whole.

A big thank you to Facebook for allowing me to connect with all of these wonderful people every day...and for helping me laugh.


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