Friday, November 16, 2012

Fair Enough

Today the kids have the day off from school. I had completely forgotten about this and scheduled a meeting for this morning. Oops. Plus, my daughter had been asking to go to the Scholastic Book Fair this week, and I was not going to deny her that request!

I still get chills when I see the cases of books. I mean... just look at all of the beautiful books! Crisp pages, binders unbroken, that new book smell... it's all there. The book fair is where I was introduced to Blubber and Superfudge, where I solved mysteries with Encyclopedia Brown, and where I asked... Are You There, God? I think I owned every single Judy Blume book ever written. I loved going to the book fair.

So we compromised. She went to my meeting with me, and afterwards we went to the book fair and had some lunch.

Fair enough.

We spent a good amount of time this morning thumbing through the books, reading some of the pages, and deciding which ones to take home. She's a strong reader and is interested in chapter books now. She chose "Whatever After #1: Fairest of All" by Sarah Mylnowski. It's a new series of books where this bossy sister and her little brother fall into fairy tales and get into mischief. This one happens to be about Snow White. They stop her from eating the apple, but that's how she meets Prince Charming! So they have to fix the story and then find their way home. It sounds very creative and witty. She's already started reading it.

My real hope is that she finds a series of books that will stick with her for a lifetime. Like "Little House" was for me. Of course, those books are timeless treasures and will be introduced to her very soon... along with every single Judy Blume book ever written.


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