Thursday, November 15, 2012

In My Bag

Today's photo is what's in my bag. Well... it's full.

Full of things I need: wallet, keys, sunglasses, gum, mints, lipstick, pen, PHONE!

Full of things I might need: nail file, penlight, chapstick, planner, mints, USB.

And then there's this packet of photos. I'm not sure why I still carry it around with me since most of my photos are now digital. I can just bring up the album on my phone (which is always on me). But I'll still carry it in my bag because I always have. Every good Mom carries a packet of photos of her kids, nieces and nephews.

I hate purse shopping. I never seem to be able to find one that's the perfect size. I have a larger black bag that I take with me when I travel because it can hold a LOT MORE stuff. I'll carry my make-up, glasses, contacts, and that quart size Ziplock full of liquids on the airplane in that bag. But it's too large for every day use. The one I have pictured is a nice size, but I can't zip it when everything I need (and might need) are inside. I'm also not a flashy person when it comes to design either. I like them plain. My bags are all about functionality. And I like one that will match many outfits so I'm not changing bags with my clothes. I might forget something I need (or might need).

So that's why I hate purse shopping. I'll use this one until it falls apart and I'm forced to buy another one.

What's in your bag?


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