Sunday, November 18, 2012

Happened This Weekend

That's the word (or phrase) of the day. It was a good weekend for the most part as most weekends are. The weather was perfect. The kids behaved. I got to relax and have a little fun. There were definitely some good parts, but there were also some not so good parts. First the good part.

This, my friends, was the highlight....The final movie of the Twilight Saga was released this weekend, and I went to see it today. I have one word to describe it... 

AMAZING! I loved it! Great way to end the series. I don't want to spoil it for any of the fans, so I'll just say go see it before you hear anything about it! Seriously.

OK, now for the not so good part. It was the black out game and Senior Night at The Zou against Syracuse on Saturday. Sounds like a perfect way to end the home football schedule with a non-conference win, right? 

Oh, I wish that's how the story ends. We started out looking really good. DGB had a big return for a touchdown, and Jimmie Hunt also scored in the first quarter. Our defense was looking pretty strong too. We were ahead at half-time 17-10. I wasn't completely comfortable with their performance, but I thought we could pull out a win. The second half though was a lot of punts, lackluster defense, and ended with a heartbreaking loss. Syracuse scored the winning touchdown with 20 seconds remaining. Final score was 31-27. We watched our bowl hopes slip through our fingers. Black Out now had a new meaning... mourning the end of the football season. 

But here's another good part to the weekend. Half-time was probably one of the coolest things I've ever seen. It was "Salute to Veterans" night, and we were in for a real treat. The United States Army Golden Knights Parachute Team made their first appearance at Faurot Field. A spark of golden fire lit the sky as they descended onto the field one by one. The cheers grew as each one tip-toed to a stop. Very cool.

It's been a tough first year in the SEC. We did win two conference games. I'll hold on to those shining moments, but I wish the season could have ended differently. I know we have one more game, but it's away at Texas A&M. We've seen what the Aggies have done so far this year. I really don't see us marching into College Station and pulling out an upset. It could happen but highly unlikely. 

So, those are some of the highlights and low lights of my weekend.  Not bad, overall, and it's still not over. How was your weekend?


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