Sunday, November 4, 2012


Interesting word of the day today. It seems a little ordinary and not very exciting... but that's part of the challenge! How to make something ordinary extraordinary?

I think this turned out quite well...

This is the TV in my hotel room here in San Francisco. It is typically off. I don't watch much television. I turn it on in the morning for the news. And yesterday I watched several college football games... including Mizzou. I took a long walk to Coit Tower after that game (I'll post some of those pics later). So frustrating! We've had so many opportunities to win but keep making mistakes this year.

Enough about that.

I ordered room service last night and watched Alabama vs. LSU. Now that was an excellent game! I really thought LSU was going to give Alabama a loss, but great teams find a way to win. The emotion that Alabama quarterback A J McCarron showed was very touching. I love college football.

Today is going to be an exciting day. I'm going to Healdsburg to visit a few wineries with a friend. Should be a wonderful day. Photos will be posted later!


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