Monday, November 26, 2012

In the Cupboard

The china I received as a wedding gift was stored in a special cabinet. The plates, the platters, the cups, the saucers, the cute little sugar bowl and creamer. All of it - packed away for a special occasion.


Why did I save it for a special occasion? Who am I to determine what day of my life is a special occasion? What if that day is today? Have you ever thought about that? What if you woke up today and said "Today I'm going to cook a wonderful meal and serve it on my fancy china because today is Monday." Would that seem weird?

I don't think that seems weird at all. The past is done. The future is unknown. I choose to live for today because each day is a gift. That's why it's called the present. I know you've heard that before. It's said often, but how many people truly live that way?

A few months ago, the special cabinet where my china was stored was sold. I had to move my china. I fretted about it for a while. My kitchen is small without a lot of cabinet space. Where am I going to put my special occasion dishes? Then I decided the choice was obvious. I decided to store them right next to my "every day" dishes. I decided to give up saving things for a special occasion. The concept of saving them for a day that may never happen just seemed silly. 

What are you saving for a special occasion?


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